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COVID-19 Notice, Business As Usual

With the escalating COVID-19 situation and in line of the new measures introduced by our government, we have declared that we conduct essential services and this has been approved by our government. As such, we will continue to operate at our usual operating hours. This means that you can still place your orders with us either by phone, fax, email and/or online via our website.

Our customers’ safety and well-being are our utmost priority. We want to reassure you that we will continue to adhere strictly with government advisories and hygiene protocols to ensure that we safely prepare and deliver your orders.

We are working with a reduced workforce to ensure social distancing, with all our staff and visitors undergoing daily mandatory temperature checks. Our drivers have also been given personal protective items such as hand sanitisers and masks which they will use as they make deliveries to you. We will also continue to monitor the situation and implement other measures where necessary. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to contact your salesperson for clarifications.

We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding during this challenging time. Together, we can stay safe and keep healthy.

Office and stationary supplies necessary for small and home based businesses
Credit problems are frequent in this era of economic down turn due to which many people prefer setting up a home office. It is ideal when there is a restricted budget. It enables the entrepreneurs to save money from paying rents and other expenses. Furthermore, everybody is aware of the increasing trend of online employment. Many people these days are doing jobs on the internet at the comfort of their own home instead of doing the 9 am to 5 pm jobs that do not pay off well. There are some people who work online as a part time job along with their office job in order to balance off their financial requirements. A home based office does not necessarily have to be a large room, even a small bed room can be made an office with all the essential work supplies along with making the workplace comfortable as well as efficient enough to work in. A home based office will be incomplete if does not have the necessarily printing as well as office supplies.

Firstly, you will need a desktop or a laptop to work with as most of the work will be done online. Everybody has got a computer nowadays which means you will not have to spend money additionally to purchase a PC or laptop. The facility of the internet is also important. You should get a reliable internet connection that provides high speed.

Working in an office, how can you not need a printer and stationary? You will hence also need ink cartridges, toner cartridges, printer ink and more. If you are working online, that does not mean you will not need a printer. Though everything is worked out online but the business graphics, documents and other paperwork will have to be present in the form of hard copy. You will not have to purchase a large printer, small and portable printers are also available now that are meant for the home based business or small offices.

Those who are have started a sort of SME business would also need pantry supplies such as cold or soft drinks, disposables, a bit of junk food, cleaning products, plastic bags garbage bags etc as there will be employees in the office and they will create need for such stuff.

There are some people who deal with the IT services. Suppose it is a small software house that you are running, you will have to purchase a few computers, secondary storage devices like USB, CDs, external hard disks, thumb drive memory card, printers, scanners, cables and many other computer accessories for it.

Paper and other writing tools like markers, pens, pencils, highlighters etc will also be necessary. These small things when not available can cause real troubles. Some people ignore them and they instead focus on the huge investments. At the end of the day, when these small items will not be available, one should not expect things to go in a stable way. Fasteners are also important just like the writing tools.Theyinclude staples, paper clips, bindersand pins. They are the items of daily use which should definitely be available at hand.

Oregon Prime is the place where all such products are available. A complete range of branded computer supplies, data storage devices, stationaries, peripherals (printers/scanners), office equipment and paper products are available. The company covers over 10,000 varied products which mean everything will be available undera single roof.
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