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Office Supplies – Oregon Prime
We offer a complete range of office supplies, paper products, printing supplies and peripherals and data storage
Filing Products
Arch file, ring file, inner file, clear folder, suspension file, divider, magazine holder, tabletop drawer
Desktop Items
Calculator, batteries, hole puncher, stapler, tape dispenser, tray, card holder, adhesive tape, ruler, pins, clips
Writing Materials
Pen, pencil, pencil lead, pen refill, marker, highlighter, correction fluid, ink pad, rubber stamp
Office Paper
Copy paper, computer form, roll paper, envelope, adhesive label, sticky note, writing book
Computer Accessories
Screen filter, cleaning product, webcam, headphone, keyboard, mouse, security lock, cable
Printing Supplies
Laser toner, ink cartridge, dot-matrix ribbon, typewriter ribbon, thermal ink film
Data Storage Media
LTO / DLT / DDS data tape, memory card, thumb drive, DVD & CD
Office Equipments
Computer, notebook, printer, server, switches, UPS, wireless device, harddisk, shredder, binder, laminator
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